By TBB-BIKE  |  29.10.2019

BARBECUE JAMMIN' already happened to be unofficial way of saying good bye to summer and the riding season over here in Czech. Once again we got lucky and the weather treat us well with bright sky and pleasant temperatures all day long. You might have already seen the new obstacle that Alex have build for this event. All together it turned out into one amazing afternoon with heavy crew of riders right here at the backyard of TBB-BIKE House.

By TBB-BIKE  |  17.10.2019

Since we knew this crew have visited Warsaw, we knew it's about to be big. The stoke was real not only for the reason our very own Jiří Blábol was part of the whole project. The hype was peakin and now, the video is finally out. Enjoy more than 10 minutes of footage from Simone Barraco, Mark Burnett, Jiří & Joris Coulomb via the POV of Peter Adam.

By Šimon Čechura  |  15.10.2019

It's insane how consistent Martin is. Not only for this reason i knew he is the right guy to work with on an one day video. After talking about it for quite a while, we finally have spent one day on previously selected location and put in work. Press play and enjoy.

By TBB-BIKE  |  03.10.2019

Raul Jula is back with new banging video part filmed during the year of 2019. Premiering on Our BMX and dedicated to Fiend BMX. 
We are more than proud to stand behind Raul from the begining and is amazing to see he's stepping his game further and further with every new project. 
Raul Jula is representing Fiend BMX and Animal Bikes through TBB-BIKE distribution.

By Šimon Čechura  |  04.09.2019

TBB-BIKE House hosted the FTS Premiere with little jam at the backyard, beers, bbq and the video premiere at the evening. We’ve had James Cunningham & our very own Michal Smelko over here for the event and after that we’ve spent 2 days riding the streets of Brno and showing James around. It was nothing but good times and here is video produced by our good friend and videographer Tomas Carda plus few snaps i managed to shoot in between.

By TBB-BIKE  |  17.07.2019

Everyone needs a break from time to time. Now it's time for our rest and that means Summer holidays! The store will be closed during that time from 22nd to 26th July. Our holidays affects the webstore and your orders as well which will all be shipped on Monday 29th. Thanks for understanding & enjoy the Summer Season!!

By Šimon Čechura  |  18.06.2019

Since ever we started supporting Zdenda he gets with the Tall Order and their products. This young transition oriented brand from the man Bas Keep turned in to one of the bigger names in the industry pretty quick and we're proud to say we trust in TO since day one. No doubt Zdenda brings the good light on Tall Order here and there as he and his bike is always catching some attention. Couple months ago he build all fresh 215 v2 in everyones favorite Matt Sand colorway and here you go with the bike check.

By Šimon Čechura  |  17.06.2019

If you've been sleeping under the rock the last week or so, stop what you're doing and watch Raul's new video right now. The concept of this video is kind of different than we're used to and Raul told me this is kind of a "profile video". Doesn't really matter how this concept should be called, this is one hell of a minute with Raul and his BMX bike in the streets of Cluj Napoca. The man behind the lens is Alexandru Don, well known video grapher who's constantly stepping his game further as he shows in this piece. Press play and pray for another project from this duo.

By TBB-BIKE  |  11.02.2019

With upcoming spring there is always time for arrivals of new goods. So that's why we're in the need to make a little clearance to fit all the new goods in our warehouse. Luckily for y'all, that doesn't mean we're trying to sell pre-historic frames, complete bikes, or already used socks. All of the 2018 complete bikes and bunch of seriously amazing frames ended up in mentioned clearance section. And you can even get well dressed before the spring will come. Get a closer look on what we have to offer and don't forget to check out our section with "Products on the way".

By Šimon Čechura  |  21.01.2019

Winter out here in Czech Republic doesn’t really pray for outdoor activities if you aren’t an eskimo. So most of us take this time to get some rest, get ready for the upcoming season or travel abroad to escape the winter for a bit. After one busy yet successful year that 2018 was for Jiri, his name made it to the list of invited riders for Simple Session 2019! So when he stopped by in the shop in early January, it was the right time to build the new bike before taking plane to Estonia. Proud of you brother!


By TBB-BIKE  |  22.11.2018

Black friday sales are becoming more and more popular and we’re part of this madness for years now. Just because, everyone like sales though. We’d chosen more than two hundred products from our stock and discounted their prices for up to 80%!! Don’t miss this one and better be fast!! If there’ll be anything left in the store at the end of the weekend, these prices gonna step up back to normal. 

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