By Tomáš Carda  |  12.10.2017

Last week we brought you the video from the last stop of our Streetjammin 2017 series and now we are coming up with yet another belter that is a photo galery from Milan Tykal! Click in and check out these awesome pictures covering the whole day in Bukurest along with a commentary.

By Víťa Kácha  |  09.10.2017

Romanian young blood Cristian Vancea has sent us his latest edit featuring ton of a pretty dialed skatepark lines and tricks. This kid has some serious progress and I can`t wait to see next thing he`s gonna come up with.

By Víťa Kácha  |  06.10.2017

As you may already know Romania has been the last destination of TBB-BIKE x STREETLIFE CREW Street jammin 2017 series. For the last couple of years we would have always kept it local therefore this year was a whole new experience with two more stops abroad. Romanian capital of Bucharest has been one of them closing down the whole tour. Check out the official video and see how much fun day it was! Thanks everyone for fun times and see you next year!

By Víťa Kácha  |  03.10.2017

The Shadow Conspiracy coming up with new promo video for their grip range. Let's have a closer look at each of 4 models that Shadow offers..

By Martin Hoza  |  25.09.2017

First saturday of september belonged to the third stop of 2017`s Street Jammin series which this time took a place in the streets of Krakow. Let me say in all confidence that this stop was one of the best so far!...

By Víťa Kácha  |  06.09.2017

The Street Jammin 2017 is slowly coming to it`s end with the last stop ahed in Romanian capital city Bucharest. Since we planned this stop the whole crew have been super excited to visit this not so typical bmx destination. Why Romania? Well simply because that`s where our team mate Raul Jula comes from so we though throwing a jam and getting the local scene together would be a good idea. None of us have a clue of what`s this stop gonna be like however one thing is for sure - prime spots and pure bmx day awaits! If you have spare time next weekend, make sure you`ll come join us to Bucharest! 

By Víťa Kácha  |  22.08.2017

Last week we spent two days with Jiri filming in the streets of Vienna and at one of the most famous spots in Brno near Technical university. All the clips we filmed will be featured in Jirka`s upcoming projects one which is the video for The Shadow Conspiracy. Besides filming a solid dose of clips we also shot bikecheck of Jirka`s new setup. Dip in and see what is this young savage`s bike like along with some words from the man himself.

By Víťa Kácha  |  16.08.2017

TBB-BIKE 4 EVERYTHING video contest has come to it's end and now it's time to announce the two absolute winners. Radko Václav has managed to collect the highest amount of likes out of all competitors, followed by Jan Kazda! Congratulation boys!

By Víťa kácha  |  15.08.2017

The Army jam 2017 is about to go down next weekend in Pohořelice near Brno. In case you still do hesitate whether to come or not, here is a little video trailer to get you pumped. Features include all of the neccesary information along with some footage from last years of this great dirt contest. Go peep it and feel the amazing atmosphere thiis contest always has. See y'all next weekend (26th - 27th of August) in Pohořelice!

By Víťa Kácha  |  03.08.2017

First two stops of Street Jammin 2017 are done and we couldn't be more stoked about it. We had a real blast cruising the streets of Kosice and Prague with such a crew all while witnessing some of the heaviest moves. Now we are sliding into the other half and next one on the list is Krakow, Poland. Krakow is a bike friendly town with it's flat terrain plus it's night life is simply amazing. Therefore you better get ready for a wild night out after the jam's over.

By Víťa Kácha  |  01.08.2017

Time has come today! Now before we proceed to the final clash, let's announce the winner of third round. The one who has gathered most likes is Slovak shredder Radko Václav and besides winning this round he is also leading the whole game.

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