By Šimon Čechura  |  15.02.2018

It was close to the end of last season when Raul decided it’s the right time to build up new bike for next season. When it came to introduction of his new bike to you all, Raul wanted to do it bit differently. As he gets comfortable with the new set-up, he managed to film this piece in the streets of Bucharest. What he created is not just a bike check, it seems more like short web edit and thats what we appreciate on Raul the most. He always pushes the limit further.

By TBB-BIKE  |  09.01.2018

As we have mentioned before we love to give presents and that's why this year was no different to others when it comes to christmas giveaway game. The rules were simple, film a #stilltrickchallenge trick and tag us in your video in order to win 250 EUR worth of Flybikes gear consisted of their new Volcano fork and stem combo. So who's the new owner of this nice post xmass gift?

By TBB-BIKE  |  24.12.2017

Merry christmas everyone! We are throwing a little instagram giveaway with a unique chance to win Flybikes fork and stem set. Obviously y`all already know this thing called #STILLTRICKCHALLENGE..

By Tomáš Carda  |  19.12.2017

Jiří Blábol has been spending most of his free time riding mystic skatepak lately with WDGF Raiders boys and in between the sessions he has managed to film this sick mixtape. In case you are following Jirka on instagram you may have already seen some of these clips, however, this mix goes hard from start to finish. And that last trick is probably NBD too. Have you ever seen this before? Filmed and edited by the man himself Ludek Sedlar.d ano, hoďte nám link do komentářů.

By Víťa Kácha  |  11.12.2017

Federal bikes Michal Smelko and Anthony perring LOCKED IN the Soruce BMX park to film a little web edit. The result is over two minutes worth of solid footage you shouldn't be missing. Both of these dudes got steeze on point and wathching 'em ride is a pure pleasure. Hit play and find out yourself!


By TBB-BIKE  |  24.11.2017

Obviously we as a TBB-BIKE are distro and a bmx shop only, however, once there is some type of product missing in our area, it is a neccesity to fulfill this hole. And that`s how the idea of the BIKE BAG was born. Back then such bmx bike bag didn`t exist so there was no way to get some information or idea by simply copying other product. All hail to Alex with his mate and czech bmx icon Jakub "Fox" Skupin for managing to turn nothing into something and making the travelling with BMX bike way more easier!

By Tomáš Carda  |  20.11.2017

If you are a fan of Jiří Blábol`s instagram than you have probably noticed that me and him participated in this year`s Sosh Urban Motion 2017. Even though our video had quite a big follow, it just wasn`t enough to go to Paris for finals. Now you have a chance to check the whole thing again and in a full resolution.

By Víťa Kácha  |  16.11.2017

Here we go again with our annual Blackout Sale featuring more than 300 selected products with up to 50% OFF! For those who are in desperate need of a new component to keep their bikes rolling now comes the best time to buy some. Starting this weekend!! Over the thursday`s night the "TOTAL BLACKOUT 2017" section on the site will be filled up with goods and only you decide what`s left afterwards. On sunday midnight the prices will be set back to normal. 

By Víťa Kácha  |  15.11.2017

Today we have a very rare piece for you. We have been working on this for quite a long time and now it`s finally time for release. The idea of doing one of the Streetjammin` stops in Romanian Bucharest became a reality and to make the most out of this project, we have dicided to turn this journey into a good old roadtrip through  the south-eastern europe. So the Expedition: Romania was born. Last week you had a chance to read the whole story and now here`s the final part, the video itself! All we can say about this trip it it was nothing but a good times!

By Tomáš Carda  |  09.11.2017

Everyone who follows our crew on daily basis knows who Raul Jula is. We actively cooperate with Raul for more than a year right now and today is the day when Raul releases his street only edit. He was working on this piece during this year and not even in his homeland Romania but mostly in Czechia as well. The edit is finally out and it is straight fire!

By Tomáš Carda  |  08.11.2017

Two cars, 8 people, 3000 kilometres on the road and 7 days on an endless fun. That was Expedition: Romania which we went on at the begining of september. How was it? Read the following photostory and find out yourself. 

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