• 11.12.2016

    We`re back from winter holidays, well rested and full of energy to start working again. Thank you all for your patience with waiting for delivery of your orders accepted during our x-mas break. We are trying to dispatch all orders gradually in the same order as we have received it. Please understand that due to the big amount of orders, there might be a little delay until your package will be delivered. 

    This year we`re going in full throttle from the very beginning and some fresh goods is already nearby. New parts from FEDERAL, UNITED and our own produced consumables such as bearings, seatposts, spokes are supposed to arrive within this week. Thanks y`all, yours TBB-BIKE CREW.

  • 15.11.2016
    Subrosa brand complete bikes 2017, new parts from Rant bmx, Shadow, Mutiny and Unit clothing

    2017 Subrosa brand complete bikes have just arrived! Check them all out because it`s feast for your eyes. "More shred, less bread" Rant BMX came through with their new line of products which are more affordable while maintaining the quality standards. Guys over at Unit clothing have sent us a load of their amazing bmx themed clothing which is a must see! Last but not least is recently added line of latest products from Subrosa, Shadow and Mutiny bikes.

    100% of the goods you can find on our e-shop is in stock ready to be shipped right away!!


  • 23.06.2016

    After more than 20 years of supporting BMX scene in Czech Republic, we have decided to start offering our services all over the European union.

    Check out this link to see the shipping prices and conditions for each country.


    You might wanna get to know our LOYALTY DISCOUNT program and see the BONUSES AND PRESENTS section.


By Tomáš Carda  |  23.02.2017

Last year we have introduced our European version of our shop and hand by hand our new team rider Raul Jula as our Romanian connection. We cannot be more happy with this collaboration because Raul is not just a good rider but also very innovative guy who always pushes his boundaries and not just riding-wise but also in many different aspects of BMX. With this attitude his bike-check couldn't end up differently than as a masterpiece.

By Víťa  |  16.02.2017

Jiri has switched his Subrosa Code setup for Joris Coulomb`s OM frame and obviously he`s enjoying it big time. For those who are strugling with what features are they supposed to focus on while getting their new frame, we`ve asked Jiri about his current ride and what were the main reasons leading him to go for a bit different geometry than he used to rock.

By Víťa  |  09.02.2017

If you are scrolling through our bmx components section on regular, then you probably know we have been offering some super affordable TBB-BIKE consumable goods for a while now. The reason why are we doing this is simple. We just want to let riders who can't afford buying of expensive branded parts to get what they need so they can go out and ride.

By Víťa Kácha  |  01.02.2017

Cinema BMX just released Corey Martinez`s new video part and it`s super dialed! 6 years in the making with half of clips filmed on Cinema trips and the other half was filmed by Corey`s homies on his #travelingwithTNEZ tour. It seems that Corey is not slowing down at all pulling one bang after another landing it with his smooth style. Now sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy!

By Tomas Carda  |  20.01.2017

Full edit from the latest LOST IN BMX SERIES is finally here! This time we set of to explore the streets of Krakow, Poland. The crew consisted of Jiří Blábol, Víťa Kácha, Pavel Tenčík and Franta Maršálek, accompanied by the Monster energy rider street wizard Ben Lewis. Some real heavy moves in this along with a couple of dope photos from Milan Tykal. Enjoy!

By Víťa Kácha  |  17.01.2017

It`s been exactly two months since Franta Marsalek x Sokolovna video with some super creative lines popped up at our blog leaving everyone jawdropped. Today we`ve got another one coming out from Franta`s good friend and our team rider Pavel Tencik, who is known for his tech skills and heavy trickery. The amount of tricks and lines these guys are able to come up with in such a small place is too damn high!

By Tomáš Carda  |  06.01.2017

Here comes another "one minute with" video featuring our team mate Vita Kacha. Even Vita has gathered a couple of clips from his summer trips and daily sessions and the result is this short yet well-done video featuring clips from Brno, Vienna, Barcelona or Lisbon. Now light it up, hit play and enjoy the footage.

By Vita Kacha  |  31.12.2016

Our good friend and real bmx enthusiast Simon Cechura has gathered a number of unused clips from Tomas Carda, Pavel Tencik, Martin Hoza, Jakub Hanak and Vita Kacha, added couple of his own ones and cooked up this tasty mixtape filmed in the streets of Brno aka Brnofornia. You will see a bunch of dialed moves executed on some of the dopest Brno`s spots. 

By Víťa Kácha  |  28.12.2016

Some of the Cultcrew members including the newest addition Dan Foley took their annual trip out into the desert and filmed this sick 8 minutes long video. Get ready to watch Dakota Roche, Sean Ricany, Iz pulido, Andrew Castaneda and Dan foley throwing some serious moves all around.

By Vita Kacha  |  20.12.2016

Christmas holidays are slowly coming to your doors and now comes the moment we would like to farewell with 2016 and start welcoming 2017. Before it starts all over again, let`s have a look back at the ups and downs of 2016 in TBB-BIKE crew.

By Víťa Kácha  |  16.12.2016

Ever since we came to Cracow the rain just kept on pouring making it impossible to go out riding. Trying to make the best out of our stay we headed to the under-covered conrete plaza in Rzeszov about 150 km away as the loca guys suggested. We spent there two days and filmed a lot of footage but let`s stop with bullshit and see it yourself. Camera and edit by Tomas Carda.

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