By TBB-BIKE  |  18.05.2022

This looks like it was a hella fun! Kryštof put together a video from this years Grill Jam, which took part nowhere other than in Kunžak. I’m very happy that he did it, as me and our crew were at that time cruising on German Autobahn so we couldn’t attend. I’m going to crack open a cold one, sit down a give it a watch... I can only recommend you do the same.


By Martin Šiman / Translation: TBB-BIKE  |  15.05.2022

Heya everyone, you all surely noticed that I have built a new bike some time ago. And now I have put together a small BIKECHECK for 2022, it’s a bit late, but better late than never hehe.

By Martin Habada, Translation: TBB-BIKE  |  07.05.2022

Park named 040 located in Netherlands was recently completely reworked which resulted in a new multipurpose sports hall named Area 51. When I heard there was going to be C1 competition under the UCI, the only thing that came to my mind was taking a camera guy to my car and going straight to Eindhoven.

By TBB-BIKE  |  03.05.2022

It has been some time since Martin released his newest creation Enough through the Fiend BMX channel. Today the video has nearly 30 thousand views! So its probably the right time to release a few raw clips and to bring this piece up once more. Enjoy!

By TBB-BIKE  |  22.04.2022

The clouds are blown away by spring winds and with that, it’s the right time to present you our next small project. This year its going to be 10 years since our tour de WAX THE LEDGE when we created our first BMX WAX. Yeah, it has been 10 years already! Ideal time to do something again!

By Honza "Frysty" Beránek, TBB-BIKE  |  21.04.2022

Few days back was released the report from our trip to Frýdek and Karviná. Today we will look back through the lens of Honza “Fryšty” Beránek on the spots and places we have been to. Good photos are always a great addition to our blog. Thanks bro!

By TBB-BIKE Alex, Translation: TBB-BIKE Crew  |  19.04.2022

What can be better than loading up a van, gathering group of friends and going on a trip? To be honest, I don’t know many answers to that… Same as last year, we set out in the direction of Frýdek. The conditions for riding are getting better and better in the northern Morava region so we couldn’t skip a visit of the new concrete park in Karviná… KA road trip starts here!

By TBB-BIKE  |  09.04.2022

This years SWAMPFEST is in the past .. back in its proper date and cranked to a whole new level as its usual. Trey Jones covered all the possibilities with his plans and his "wet variant" was put to a good use. As Rob Dolecki wrote, you can`t really describe this, you have to live this on your own! Crack open a cold one, sit down and smash the play button, because this is the real deal...

By TBB-BIKE  |  01.04.2022

For quite a while now, we have been steadily adding new countries to our shipping list (its 32 currently!) and we think now it’s a great time to bring AM riders from all those countries together with an instagram giveaway! Are you from an EU country, Norway, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Japan? Do you want to win the new Subrosa Joris Om V2 frame? Then read on...

By TBB-BIKE Alex, Translation: TBB-BIKE Crew  |  31.03.2022

Wouldn't it be good to build a new bike, what do you say? Nah, its not necessary, I'm happy with what I have.. That was the start of our conversation about this beautiful green ride! It's always good to hear that somebody is satisfied with products you sell. And when it comes from person like Pejda, its really something you should value, because when you see what he does on his bike, you can't really argue...

By TBB-BIKE  |  29.03.2022

Second Cult Crew post in a row! Trey is somebody we could watch ride for hours and hours... We believe that is true for pretty much anyone in the BMX community, even if you aren't really fond of his riding for whatever reason, you can't deny he is basically a living legend at this point. True and passionate about what he loves, without him the sport wouldn't be nowhere near as amazing as it is now. Two masters of their craft, Chris Gregson and Veesh took care of the filming as Trey rejoins Cult Crew once more (been gone since 2017!) with some sick moves!

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