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  • 26.04.2017

    If you are watching our site on regular basis you would have noticed that we are constantly adding some new parts. All of the recently added products are always marked with a NEW stamp and you can easilly find them by clicking on the NEW PRODUCTS section. And what are the next upcoming parts? You will find out in the PRODUCTS ON THE WAY section with an anticipated date of delivery of each part.

  • 11.12.2016

    We`re back from winter holidays, well rested and full of energy to start working again. Thank you all for your patience with waiting for delivery of your orders accepted during our x-mas break. We are trying to dispatch all orders gradually in the same order as we have received it. Please understand that due to the big amount of orders, there might be a little delay until your package will be delivered. 

    This year we`re going in full throttle from the very beginning and some fresh goods is already nearby. New parts from FEDERAL, UNITED and our own produced consumables such as bearings, seatposts, spokes are supposed to arrive within this week. Thanks y`all, yours TBB-BIKE CREW.

  • 15.11.2016
    Subrosa brand complete bikes 2017, new parts from Rant bmx, Shadow, Mutiny and Unit clothing

    2017 Subrosa brand complete bikes have just arrived! Check them all out because it`s feast for your eyes. "More shred, less bread" Rant BMX came through with their new line of products which are more affordable while maintaining the quality standards. Guys over at Unit clothing have sent us a load of their amazing bmx themed clothing which is a must see! Last but not least is recently added line of latest products from Subrosa, Shadow and Mutiny bikes.

    100% of the goods you can find on our e-shop is in stock ready to be shipped right away!!


By Vita Kacha  |  19.05.2017

A killa from the eastside named David Adamik coming through with another video for our contest. Rare moves and even more! 

"Hi, my name is David Adamik and I'm from Zlin. The dirt jump spot is in Straznice and the rest are our local spots. I would like to thank TBB crew for making this contest! and Tomas Prochazka for filming. Also shout out to all the homies for good times riding.

By Vita Kacha  |  12.05.2017

One of the realest dudes to ever touch a bike and so called cervezaboy Pepa Diblik closes down the second week of may with his 4 clips for our contest. Read his commentary bellow to see what's up. Don't forget to hit the like button and help Pepa win the prize. 

"Yo, we filmed this in a local skatepark in Rychnov nad Kneznou during one session after we had a couple of beers. My names is Pepa Diblik, thank you for this contest!"

By Martin Hoza  |  05.05.2017

First one who submitted his clips for our new video contest is Jonas Soukup. This young shredder has whips on lock and it's a pleasure to watch him ride. Hit play, like it, share it, tell your mama and everyone else.. Another edit will be released next friday so do not hesitate and submit your clips!

By  |  02.05.2017

Region is the newest frame from United with a street oriented geometry, super slim oval tubing and a completely brakeless design. When Alex told me I will be riding this frame in 2017, I was super stoked but also a bit afraid of it`s short 13.2" chainstay as I am more used to riding a longer one. After the first roll around though, all the worries were gone and I wouldn't have changed a single thing. Check out this short video along with some pictures I shot with WDGF RADIERS during one afternoon street cruise. 

By Víťa Kácha  |  28.04.2017

Two of the Brno's best Tomas Carda and Martin Hoza have been hiding from snow all winter riding a little covered bowl in Hrusovany. Even though it's covered the temperature is always hardly above zero so you have to keep your ass moving in order to stay unfrozen. The video have been filmed over a couple of sessions and it's pretty damn sick! Both Tomas and Martin are coming up with some solid tech moves pulled with style. Click in and watch it yourself.. 

By Víťa Kácha  |  25.04.2017

Zdenda Pesek coming up with a short video packed with dialed moves filmed around his hometown Litomysl. Everyone who know Zdenda is already watching and for those who don`t you better hit play and get familiar with his smooth style and endless trick list.

By Víťa Kácha  |  14.04.2017

Jirka Blabol along with Ludek Sedlar took a day trip to a recently openned skate plaza in Tachov to check it out and film a little spot check. The concrete have barely dried out and Jirka has already put the whole plaza under a serious pressure as you can see in the video. Get ready to witness a dose of super solid moves filmed by the courtesy of Ludek Sedlar. Whether you have it nearby or not, this new plaza with bowl is definitely worth visiting.

By Víťa Kácha  |  13.04.2017

10th anniversary of our classic Benjamin BMX Style contest for beginner riders is near and this round is gonna be the biggest yet. Besides it`s open for all categories no matter the age or skill, this year is also going to be two day contest instead of just one as it always was. No limits for participants either. Let`s see if we can brake the record of 130 competing riders from 2006 Prague Stvanice X-cup. Schedule and more info inside...

By Víťa Kácha  |  12.04.2017

Today we are launching another TBB-BIKE video contest but this time in a bit different way. To make it more fun we made a little plan that will take you on 4 different filming missions forcing you to ride pretty much "EVERYTHING". If you want to win a tbb voucher and tbb merchandise of your own choice, click through and read more.. 

By Víťa Kácha  |  11.04.2017

Our Romanian connection Raul Jula have bought himself brand new GoPro cam in order to start filming POV edits. Lately these videos are becoming more and more popular with Billy Perry leading the game having tons of views on his youtube channel. Even though not all POVs out there are worth watching, this one definitelly is. You will see some real interesting situations including jump over a cyclist around 1:30. Now hit play and give this piece a watch, you won`t regret it.

By Víťa Kácha  |  07.03.2017

We have slided into 2017 having a couple ambicious plans which we are now trying to fullfill. One on the list was to extend our crew with some new members, and we did! For 2017 TBB-BIKE crew has grown larger with 4 new riders aboard. However it is not the only thing that`s changed. Open this article and find out more.

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