• 23.06.2016

    After more than 20 years on the Czech BMX market, we have decided to start offering our services all over the European union.

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  • 22.06.2016

    We try to keep our store stocked with the latest products. Recently we have added the new line of ANIMAL clothes together with the time-proven components, ECLAT collection of Alex Kennedy or Brunno hoffman's Predator tires. WETHEPEOPLE arrived with some new seats, tires and more. The all new UNIT CLOTHING 2016 Spring collection looks just amazing. England has greeted us with the FEDERAL parts in gold or silver colour that will leave you speachless. Also the FIEND has delivered a couple of hot news as pedals or sprockets.

    100% of the goods you can find on our e-shop is in stock ready to be shipped right away!!


By Vita Kacha  |  25.09.2016

It has been nearly two years since the LOST IN series was born and I gotta say the beginning was more simple than you would thought. I have kinda randomly met up with Kika Kokesova from Monster Energy and we have talked about BMX in Czech Republic. Later I`ve asked her wheather there is a chance to make some kind of a project our team could be involved in alongside some of the monster energy riders. She was highly interested in it and down to help me turn this idea into reality. Afterwards all I`ve had to do was come up with a clear plan including destination and a project title which wasn`t hard task at all. Right after I knew "what and where" I`ve told everything to our TM and the rest is history. Thank you Kristina!

By Vita Kacha  |  08.09.2016

FIrst round of this year`s Street jammin series in cooperation with the Slovakian Streetlife crew is over and I gotta say it was a blast! Besides absolutely insane riding at every spot, there was an afterparty full of loose dancing, drunk trick attempts and fun going on till early morning hours . After such an amazing first round, it is time to slowly make plans for another one which is going to happen at Prague on 24th of September.

By Michal Kolář  |  07.09.2016

In case you don`t know what to do on 17th of September there is going to be another VAPENKA TRAILS JAM with everything what  proper trails jam needs. Live bands, beer, barbecue and great set of awesome looking jumps right next to the pond. Everyone who has ever ridden Vapenka trails will tell you the place is kinda magic, and it trully is. So let`s celebrate it by having a good time doing what we like to do the most.

By Tomáš Carda  |  07.09.2016

The official video from Czech bmx dirt championship - Pohořelice is here and it contains all of the highlights. Filmed by Kuba Hána in cooperation with video-dron.cz , great job! Those who haven`t come may only regret missing of such a well prepared and fun event and hope that next year will be at least as good as this one!

By Vita Kacha  |  06.09.2016

The Federal bikes crew is coming up with one bomb after another. After their LOOSE CHANGE video from the streets of Prague and Brno that has blown our minds, they set of to Amsterdam and came back with another masterpiece called TOP SHELF. Rich Forne is a  pure magician with that filming/editing and everyone else absolutely killed it too, including our guy Michal Smelko. 

By Vita Kacha  |  16.08.2016

Last year's TBB X STREETLIFE street series jam in cooperation with Slovakian Streetlife crew was nothing but a big success. Many people showed up in the lead with some of the best Czech and Slovakian street riders and everyone was killing it. It was just so good it is no surprise we have decided to go on with it and add another two stops to the list. So let's explore the unknown and enjoy the day to the fullest with a chance to win some extra cash or cool products. Street series 2016 is here!

By Vita Kacha  |  12.08.2016

As it is usual for every stop of LOST IN SERIES, after the photo report and video, it's time to show you rest of the clips that didn't make it for the main edit and let you see the huge effort that stands behind every clip with some backstage action on the top. Now sit back and enjoy the video.

By Vita Kacha  |  05.08.2016

You would have to be living under a rock if you haven't noticed that a couple of weeks ago went down another chapter of 2016 LOST IN series in cooperation with Monster energy. This time our crew together with the main member Jason Eustathiou and local rider David Budko explored Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. You could have already seen what the boys managed to produce in the photo-report and feel a bit of local atmosphere. However, pictures simply doesn't do the justice in this case and that's why we are more than happy to show you the full video LOST IN VILNIUS, filmed and edited by none else but Tomas Carda, belter!

By Vita Kacha  |  02.08.2016

One month have passed and the video from Charity jam no.7 made by Unreal Visual production is out. This event is always 100% about having fun and sharing some of the best moments either with your friends, family or both. This year we have supported Charity jam with the auction of Wethepeople Envy complete bike, which has been purchased for slightly under 800 €. Thank you all for your help and see you next year!

By Vita Kacha  |  29.07.2016

I know we don't have to remind you about the Federal bikes' recent team trip to Czech Republic as there have already been tons of pictures and broll clips posted online. However, now is time to present you the final video called "LOOSE CHANGE" documenting all the madness that went down during their 20 days stay. Hit play and enjoy this masterpiece filmed and edited by none else but mr.Rich Forne. Loose change on repeat!

By Tomas Carda  |  22.07.2016

Not even one month have passed since our trip to Berlin and we're already at the airport waiting for our plane to go on a next adventure. I truly love these moments because I know one week of exploring the unknown is ahead and on the top of that you get to be a part of a great crew. This time we are setting of to Vilnius and I'm sure It's gonna be lit!

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