ANIMAL BIKES - RAUL JULA IN PARISBy Šimon Čechura | 13.08.2018

Who’s following us on a daily basis may know, that Raul Jula is one passionate guy. He’s on his mission 24/7!! This time he went to France to visit the Performance BMX family and discover all the tranny spots out there. These guys are known for making beautiful memories so they teamed up with Raul and as a result we got this short yet banging video part filmed in the streets of Paris. After Raul's video bike check earlier this year even the guys in Animal HQ realised his passion so this new piece ended up being an official Animal bikes video! It truly represents Animal style of riding and goes hand in hand with the chosen French rap music.  Enjoy as we do!! “Animal bikes Romanian connect through TBB-BIKE - Raul Jula”



#ANIMALBIKES                                                                 #TBBBIKE


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