Tomas Carda

Without the guy like Tomas, BMX crew itself simply can't be productive. He's such an enthusiast he wakes up in the middle of a rainy night somewhere in a foreign country just to get his well thought off 3 seconds long clip for the upcoming video. And that's basically how he approaches not only to filming but to the riding and life as well. After all of his lifetime troubles and issues including torn ligaments in his knee, he would always finds the way back to do what he says he still loves the most, riding. When Tomas hits you up asking whether you want to go abroad, don't hesitate a single second and let him know you're in because everything will be well taken care of and the only thing you are going to be struggling with is your own fear. Since Tomas was a young kid his dedication to riding and having fun hasn't changed a slightest bit, smiling every time he holds the bars or his camera gear.




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