RUFUS BMX JAM 2021 - VIDEO + PHOTOSBy Tadeáš Linek / Standa Havlík, Translation by: TBB- BIKE Crew | 23.08.2021

Edit: Tadeáš Linek @tade_rfs
Song: Loose Sutures
Interpret: Fuzz

The first RUFUS BMX JAM took place at the start of October on the localy known DIY spot "Koupák", which is under administration of Tadeáš Linek and the RFS crew for several years now. When Tadeáš realeased his new spotcheck some time ago, I knew right away that if they do a Jam there, I need to be there 100% ... Word gave a word and nearly a year later I'm standing there with broom in hand helping to polish the last details. Its important to say, that Tadeáš put a part of himself into this project and even though that he had to leave before the Jam, the video and photos are a proof that it was a totally awesome day.



Photos: Standa Havlík @stanarfs

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