Kuba Vébr has been gathering clips the whole summer and is ready to send out a whole edit to you! Keep it up bro!... Now few words from Kuba himself: For me the summer edit is traditionally filmed during the summer, as I have plenty of time to jump into it and film a lot. This years edit was accompanied by problems from the beginning. It started with cracked lens on my fully new camera, continued with lack of time because of work for me and also for the boys who were supposed to film the clips for me. So some of the clips were taken nearly at night with minimal energy. I want to thank @ondra.dlouhyy, who borrowed me his camera for the filming. And also thanks to our "nízkorozpočtový arabský film" (FUCKTHEBITCH Crew), who filmed all the footage and took all the photos during the riding. THANKS GUYS for enduring this @jakub.senkapoul and @filip_medal. 

© nízkorozpočtový arabský film (FUCKTHEBITCH Crew)

INSTA : @kuba.vebr , @fuckthebitchcrew
FACEBOOK : Jakub Vébr
TIKTAK : @vebrikk

For the first time on the ENG blog we have the Rider's Monday section. It's a section focused on edits YOU send us, which means... if you are interested in being featured here, don't hesitate and send us link for your edit and you may see yourself here next Monday! It's that simple! Ideally, you can also write few words about the edit as its in this one.

Send links for your edits to this email address -> janrovny@tbb-bike.com

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