MARTIN HABADA ABOUT THE UCI FBMX 2021By Martin Habada / Translation TBB-BIKE | 29.06.2021

Right in the moment, when I got the chance to compete in World Cup, which was also last chance to qualify for the Olympics, I started thinking about where I will practice. Lockdown ended just few weeks back and the park where the World Cup was going to be was huge. Similar one was just under construction in neighbouring Germany. I was really happy that I got a chance to go there before the official opening for public. Its a club park and its a great benefit for the local BMX scene. I continued my practice in France in Serignan, once again in a newly build park, where was available perfect resi. Thanks to that I managed to get back in shape and I was leaving to Montpellier satisfied with myself.


I agree with the opinion that this World Cup was extremely emotional, amazing and brought to the max level physically possible. That was mainly outcome of the desire of all riders to be part of the Olympics in Tokio. With that also came many nasty falls, which makes me ask myself if its really worth it. Its an adrenaline sport after all, risk is part of it. I managed to fall as well, which makes me really sad, despite that, I was happy with my performance. My fall was the reason I haven't managed to advance. But newly gained experience pushed me forward again.

Who I have to elevate above the rest was Logan Martin, It was clearly visible on him that he's a professional, his calmness led to good result instead of falls. Also I very much liked ride of Paul Thoelen, he brought a little bit of the Vans Pro Cup feel into the competition. Im myself fan of this riding style and it was really fun to see the UCI park used this way.


Thanks to special covid organisation of the whole event, there wasn't a single problem and no one was disqualified due to positive covid test. Everybody played "by the rules" and respected the isolation. In the video, I wanted to show how it looks like when you arrive on the first practice and to the team tents, where everybody has their background support stuff (masseurs, training equipment, food, replacement bike etc.) The practice is one hour long. I was faced with questions if its not too short. No, its not. Its important to realise that the riders aren't here for the riding, but for the best result possible, and that the whole event is 4 days long. In the forth day you have to give your best. Which means that you just can't destroy yourself in the first day, hour in that park is really exhausting. Its only about getting to know the park and finding the best spot for a trick, not about practice. All riders come here already with tons of that.

I want to thank all who support me and believed in me to compete again. :) 


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