How to: stems


Connects handlebars with fork. Stems are divided into two categories, TOPLOAD and FRONTLOAD (see the picture bellow). Stem also determines the final height of handlebars position and affects controllability of the whole bike. Park and dirt/trails riders usually have their stems more lightweight with hollow bolts. On the other hand all street riders and riders over 80kg should have their stems strong, sturdy and definitely with solid bolts.



Even stem length affects the bike's manoeuvrability and may help you to slightly lengthen your bike if needed. The shorter the stem is, easier you can get into nosewheelie or manual. Longer stem makes the bike more stable and controllable.

How do I determine the reach of my stem?


Stem bolts.

- do not ever lube the handlebars mounting area!
- riders over 80kg: sturdy stem with solid bolts
- if you are riding with brake, look for the stem that comes with the gyro-plate in the package, because it will make montage easier plus it will save you some time and money.. 

Note: always tighten your stem bolts in "cross" way, which means first-fourth-second-third or 1-4-2-3, that way it's tighten correctly with reduced risk of cracking.

There are various stem shapes, colours and graphic designs available, however this should be the very last aspect when choosing of your new stem.

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