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There are various types of pedals in BMX (aluminium, alloy, magnesium, PVC), however the most used ones today are definitelly the plastic (PVC) platform pedals. The reason is simple, low weight, low price, loads of colour combinations and last but not least is the lower damage PVC pedals does to your shin when your trick goes wrong. Freestyle bmx uses the platform pedals only, not clipless. The clipless pedals are only used in bmx racing.

What is difference between platform and clipless pedals?
A platform pedal is simply a platform you place your feet on. When pedaling with a platform pedal you simply press down(forward) on the pedal with your feet. A clipless pedal has a locking mechanism that will snap onto that pedals specific cleat. Cleats are the part of clipless pedals that bolt onto the bottom of a clipless shoe. Clipless pedals allow you to push down on your pedals with one foot as well as pulling up on the pedals with the opposing foot. This means you can push and pull in the same crank rotation, which generates more power and a smoother rotation.

What size pedals do I need to buy?
The pedal size is determined by what cranks you have. If you have one piece cranks then you will need to buy 1/2" pedals. If your cranks are two piece or three piece, then you will need to buy 9/16".

9/16" (14.2875mm) - pedal spindles with this thread are compatible with multi-pieced cranks (2-pc, 2.5-pc, 3-pc).
1/2" (12.7mm) - 1-pc cranks only

What are differences between molded pins and removable pins?
Molded pins are pins that are made onto the pedal during the molding process. Molded pins cannot be removed or replace. Removable pins are usually longer and provide more grip than molded pins and can be removed or replaced.

See the picture above from the left: aluminium pedals with removable pins, yellow and green plastic pedals with molded pins.

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