Brumov hosted already for second time the Championship of Czech Republic in BMX Park, which took place on 14.8.21 in local bike park. Local crew once again showed that they know what they are doing and I can with clear conscience say that it was without a flaw. The whole organisation and all the details were brought to perfection. The final video is here so you can take in the great atmosphere which was ever-present throughout all the weekend...

This time I won't write deep report about the whole thing, but I have to say at least few things. As mentioned above, the organisation was absolutely perfect and everything ran on 110%. The thing I really wish for, and Im sure Im not the only one, is for the crew to get subsidies for renovation of the park. Even though the park is always repaired with great diligence, the ravages of time can't be stopped and I can't really imagine third championship here. I will hope that another skilled crew will show up and make the championship elsewhere, so the local park have time to renovate.

It's extremely hard to write something about the competition itself, as the riding level went up once again. As I was tasked with bike repairs throughout the day, I could watch it just with the corner of my eye. The thing I was really thrilled about was ride of Martin Spurný in Junior category. His experience from race bmx was clearly visible, which makes him easily distinguishable from others. This boy is the future of the Czech FBMX! In expert category I of course expected good performance from Franta Bližňák, who for sure didn't disappoint, thanks bro! Another pleasant surprise was participation of 15 year old Iveta Miculyčová in woman category. From where did she come from? Like shot from a sling she completely shredded the place, unbelievable! Kačka Jalůvková put her everything into the ride, but came short compared to Iveta this time. Elite category? Damn... that was something. I think the jury really had a hard time. I can't forget to mention rides of Dan Mlejnek, who besides his wild technique showed some purely park tricks which completely blew our minds, amazing! Another one I need to mention is Martin Habada. He did his thing in style, 720 bar on a funbox? Pleasure for the eye and a third place, yeah bro! I will end this with ride which I probably enjoyed the most and it included everything I expect from masterful ride. Miki Hovorka made a huge progress, style and grace in every trick ... respect!

The final results can be found on the association page here.

Nevertheless, its important to say, that all riders did their best and it was great to see it, thanks to the whole Bikepark Brumov crew, you are great and I wish you many great events in the future ... Charity Jam is next, and it will also be a banger!

Note of the translator: I tried to keep the translation as accurate as I can, but it's sometimes hard with Czech words, thanks for understanding.

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