As we have mentioned before we love to give presents and that's why this year was no different to others when it comes to christmas giveaway game. The rules were simple, film a #stilltrickchallenge trick and tag us in your video in order to win 250 EUR worth of Flybikes gear consisted of their new Volcano fork and stem combo. The contest was on for week before new year and one week after as an extra time. So who's the new owner of this nice post xmass gift?

To come up with something original and unexpected is obviously pretty difficult so you have to thing real hard to stand out of the line. Venca Kavan with Tomas Bokota came up with a belter combo which is not only unique, but well executed as well. The idea must have come from the second mentioned who played the worse part of the game by laying himself on the ground. Well you need to see yourself. Huge thanks to all who participated and congratulation to winners. Happy new year 2018 everyone, keep riding your bikes and having fun the way you love it the most. Cheers!


#stilltrickchallenge with bro @boky__ @tbbbike #tbbbike #flybikes

Příspěvek sdílený Venca K (@vencakavan),

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