By TBB-BIKE  |  02.02.2022

Who would have though we will see this young rider from Austria twice in such a short timeframe. Just few days back was Linda Grabner featured in the Vans "Tribes" edit from Barcelona, and now we have a solo edit from in and around Germany filmed for Wethepeople! Her first edit for this brand is surely a success and we are eager to see what future holds for her.

By TBB-BIKE  |  01.02.2022

A new one from Red Bull, not that extreme as last time, but no less entertaining. Well known name to probably everyone, Courage Adams, hits the streets and everything else in sight in Johannesburg, South Africa. While at it, he connected with some of the local riders to experience what the local community is like and what it has to offer. Chill and enjoyable watch with few quite unique moments. Press the play button!

By TBB-BIKE  |  31.01.2022

Vans has always been supporting riders throughout the community, and now they decided that its time to shine the spotlight on some of the next generation riders from Europe. Crew consisting of Linda Gradner, Janosh Klaus, Tom Deville, Jo Gass and Thibaut Srinarong went for a trip to sunny Barcelona with Arnaud Wolff behind the lens to make some clips for the newest Vans video and of course to enjoy together some of the local spots.

By TBB-BIKE  |  28.01.2022

Full of different names, great riding and many awesome clips! Not much more to say here than enjoy this huge variety of styles and go give them a like! Features sections from Ryan Howard, Steven Hamilton and Nick Seabasty, along with a mix from the squad, featuring Harrison Arcari, Justin Shorty, Martin Ochoa, Clay Johnson, Latane Coghill, Bo Bowen, Chris Silva, Jake Coulson, Dev Herring, Matt Skaggs, Adem Gunaydin, Greg Moliterno, Justin Benthien, Mike Guth and Demarcus Paul.

By TBB-BIKE  |  27.01.2022

We are few days late (actually a lot) to the party but we feel like its mandatory to highlight this piece. Trey Jones partnered up with Chris Gregson to make some new clips in sunny California to promote his newest Subrosa frame Wild Child V2! "Wild spots, wild lines, and wild tricks, Trey Jones is Still Wild!" - Subrosa

By TBB-BIKE  |  21.01.2022

A little reminder of what Dan Foley was up to throughout the 2021. Cult took all the juicy stuff Dan put on IG and made it into a full-blooded edit. Needless to say its an enjoyable watch and some may even say its better than on IG like this! We are sure you noticed, but look how there is no one else in the whole video besides Dan doing his things. It feels clean, doesn't it?

By TBB-BIKE  |  19.01.2022

Hot new riding edit from the land down under! Josh Dove AKA Dovey teamed up with the well known Fast and Loose crew in locked Australia to whip out some amazing park action for Flybikes. Doveys riding is probably best described as flowing water, as he literally flows on the concrete waves of his local parks. Transition riding is always fun to watch, and Dovey is no exception.

By TBB-BIKE  |  17.01.2022

We have a lot of adult and pro riders featured here on the blog, so we thought its good time to post this absolutely awesome edit from this young talent! Kairi Yamada is elven years old shredder from Japan whose riding skills are far above his age. Fitbike got send few years worth of clips and put together this edit while young Yamada works on a new edit with Motobunka. This youngster has bright future before him if he keeps pushing it like this!

By TBB-BIKE  |  14.01.2022

A kind of a special edit from Subrosa this week, featuring the newest member of the Subrosa AM team Eli Kravitz. Eli is a great all round rider from Texas who can shred ramps and streets alike. We are certainly looking forward to what will this partnership bring us in the future.

By TBB-BIKE  |  12.01.2022

Last year we have seen the "No Service" video by Sunday Crew hosted by its member Trent Lutzke in his homestate of Michigan. No need to say that it was an enjoyable watch, so we are super happy to see this release of all the bonus clips, extras and behind-the-scenes. Definitely looking forward to episode 2!

By TBB-BIKE  |  06.01.2022

Cult Crew got back together for some good times in San Diego and its a hot one as always! As Robbie says in the video description, the crew is more diverse than ever before... Which means more diverse bmx action on a variety of different spots, who doesn't like that? 2022 is really going to be great year if this is what we can expect.

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