VANS ‘MASH’ - STREETBy TBB-BIKE | 27.04.2021


Vans squad prepared new two part mixtape series for you. Since all their team projects had to be cancelled due to covid, members of the team had to find other way how to be active. So as soon as it was safe, each of them went out to make some footage in their local regions. Rich Forne then made it into two mixtapes called MASH.

You have already seen the Transition part, now its time to watch what other members of the Vans team produced. Featuring mad riding skills of Kilian Roth, Bruno Hoffmann, Courage Adams, Anthony Perrin, Simone Barraco, Alex Donnachie and Kevin Kalkoff.

DIG bmx once again took the time and made an article about the story behind this video, so head to DIG bmx and read what the riders think!


Video by: DIG BMX Official

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