TBB-BIKE 4 EVERYTING: TADEÁŠ LINEKBy Víťa Kácha | 07.07.2017

Coming from Hanácko area Tadeáš Linek marks down the 10th video in our contest. A dope mixage of tricks from his local spots.

"Yo, my name is Tadeas Linek, I'm 18 years old from Náměšť na Hané. I've been riding for about 3 years. The clips were filmed in Olomouc's skatepark, main square and the swiming pool spot. Thanks to my boy Robiš for always paying my expenses in Elko and also thanks to TBB for making this contest! cheers!'  

Watch it now and if ya dig it, you may as well like 'n'' share. One lOVE.

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