Official NORA Cup 2021 award ceremony took place few weeks back during the Swamp fest. However, the last winner video came out only recently, so now is the right time to put all the winner videos to one place where you can be sure you won't miss any of the quality content. In case you weren't following this years NORA Cup, you can find all the nominee videos on the Our BMX youtube channel as well as those in this article. Either way, don't forget to support them with a like and subscribe so we can have more of this BMX goodness in the future. Also, if you are interested in the history of NORA Cup, Our BMX has a great article about that topic, you can find it HERE.

Regarding the videos themselves, there isn't much more that can be said besides Congratulations! and respect to winners and all nominies. Texts added to each of the videos are from the descriptions of the respective videos, so all credit of them goes to Our BMX.

Let's get started...

Transition Rider Of the year

"Transition Rider Of The Year goes to the one and only Logan Martin! Logan is a driving force in the transition category and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Congrats on an amazing year Logan!"


Video of the year

"The Nora Cup for Video of the Year goes to the Fast and Loose crew for their incredible work with “Pull Back or Die”! This video is packed with jaw dropping transfers and high speed good times. Featuring full sections from: Jason Watts, Matt Cordova, Kris Fox, Corey Walsh, and Cody Pollard. Congrats y’all!"


Flatland Rider of the year

"The Nora Cup Flatland Rider of the year is Kio Hayakawa! Kio absolutely destroyed it this year. He’s been inventing tricks and pushing the limits of what can be done on a BMX bike. His confident style and originality really sets him apart from other riders. Im excited to see where he goes from here. Congrats Kio!"


Street Rider of the year

"The Nora Cup Street Rider of the year is Felix Prangenberg! Felix had a year for the books. Multiple video parts, X Games Real BMX gold, X Games Street silver, annnnnd he didn't skimp on the insta-mind-melters. Felix also happens to be ushering in a whole new level of technical riding with "swoppo" tricks mixed in... Congrats!"


Women's Rider of the year

"The Nora Cup Women's Rider of the year is Charlotte Worthington! Chaz crushed it all year long stomping heavy tricks at each event leading into the first ever Olympics, but it was her two-piece at the Olympics that sealed the NORA Cup. First, the first ever 360 flip done by a woman. And second, winning the first ever gold medal in BMX freestyle. Congrats!"


Trail Rider of the year

"The Nora Cup Trail Rider of the year is Mark Potazny! Mark is a credit to the Trail community. On top of being an amazing rider he’s always down to pick up a shovel and supply the good times. Congrats on the NORA Cup win Mark! "


Video Part of the year

"Nora Cup Video Part of the Year is six-plus minutes of mind-melting madness from the man himself. Dennis Enarson - “Right Here” / Vans. Rich Forne was behind the lens so you already know this was going to be put together beautifully. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this part I highly recommend doing that now. Congrats Dennis!"


Legend award

"Dave “The Lord” Voelker is an absolute BMX Legend and the recipient of this year's coveted NORA Cup Legend award. Known for his fast style, huge wall rides, and all-around love for BMX. It is our pleasure to present him with the Legend Award. Congrats Dave!"


Reader's Choice Rider of the year

"Last but not least we have the Reader's Choice Rider of the Year! While every other category is voted on by pro and ex-pro riders, This award is completely voted on by you! This years Reader's Choice Rider of the Year Award goes to Felix Prangenberg! Congrats an amazing year Felix!"


And thats it... It's also very important to thank the Our BMX crew for taking care of this huge thing! We hope you enjoyed the videos as we did and see you all next year!

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