Even though its a bit older piece from January, this montage from Dan Foley is something no one should miss. As many known, Dan joined the Cult Crew back in 2016 and since then his smooth riding was featured in many videos. Besides absolutely stunning riding skills, Dan does another quite unique thing, and that he films his own riding. As Dan mention in this older interview, self-filming is great for occasions when you just want to go out on your own and spend time alone. Also it allows you more flexibility with your plans, as you dont drag anyone else along. Although it has many positives, self-filming has its limitations which you are challenged to find way around, but that is part of the fun according to Dan.

Self-filming is for sure interesting way of making content and is a perfect contrast to the standard group filming many riders use. Thats enough talk from me now… enjoy the video and dont forget to check out Cult Crew products in our e-shop!


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